Computer Programming Jobs

Computer programming is a lucrative field that has a wide variety of employment positions currently open. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer programming field is projected to rise dramatically over the next ten years. More and more companies and individuals are coming online with games, software, and networks. As they do so, more computer programming jobs open up to be filled with qualified individuals. Programming is projected to rise more than 20 percent in just the next five years.

Computer programming careers are in wide demand due to the consistent and continuous demand for more applications, more operating systems, and more networks and network controls.

Computer programming jobs are given to those who develop software and programs, as well as operating systems. Computer programmers use the theories and functions of computer sciences to create and evaluate software that they develop.

The jobs that you will be responsible for in the computer programming job will be many and diverse. In addition, because the field is so rapidly changing the practices of your employer and the software that you will develop will change and evolve dramatically in a very short time.

Computer programming jobs are fast-paced and often very exciting. You may be called upon to work on one type of software that will power equipment that is used in heart monitors or medication pumps for use in a health care environment and to build a new gaming application, all within a few weeks time.

Analysis is a big part of the programming jobs as well. You will be required to analyze the things that your client requires of the software, along with the limitations that the hardware in use may have. Combining those pieces of knowledge, you will then design and write a new piece of software. Once it is completed, in-depth testing, evaluation and revamping may be necessary. The process will require the use of flow sheets, documentation, diagramming, and detailed directions for your clients.

You will use multiple programming languages in order to accomplish the tasks set out for you. They may include Visual Basic, C, C++, Ruby, and many others. You will also be asked at times to rewrite, to revamp, repair, modify, or update programs that you have not written. Expansion of other programs is well within your scope of practice.

Computer programming jobs are found in nearly every company on earth today. Computer programmers have a place in healthcare, in computer systems, in utility companies, in ISP's and operating systems companies, as well as with small businesses. The work will vary, as will the pay for the various operations that you may perform, but the job security in these positions is currently excellent and is projected to go nowhere but up.

Computer Programming Salary

Computer programming jobs are among those occupations that are expected to grow the most rapidly over the next ten years. In 2008 it was projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that in the next ten years, the jobs would be more prolific and the ability to select the jobs that you want and are qualified for would be excellent.

Computer programming jobs will be the most prolific for those who hold a degree of some type and possess relevant job experience in computer programming. It will be easier to gain advancement as well when you have more experience or more education in your field.

Many smaller areas or companies do not require a degree in programming, but will accept verifiable experience in lieu of formal education. This is particularly true in states of the United States who find it difficult to bring in adequate workers to fill currently open positions. In those cases, the educational requirements may be loosened and the salaries paid will be somewhat higher.

The Nature of Computer Programming Jobs

Computer programming is about developing software. You will write, test, evaluate, and rewrite software programs that may be used for a wide variety of purposes. The jobs that you will accomplish in a computer programming career may be used in healthcare fields, in aerospace technology, in computer design or operating systems, or even in global networks.

To make a long story short, the computer programmer will write programs. You will convert a set of instructions for the computer to follow into a language that the computer can understand. Using visual basic, C ,Python or other computer programming languages you will expand or repair existing software, or even write new languages or software.

The Environment

Programmers will generally work in cubicles or in clean and comfortable areas which provide for their creature comforts. Laboratories at times house computer programmers in team areas. As your programming career advances you may be asked to telecommute rather than to work in a normal office environment.

Job Conditions and Computer Programming Salaries.

Most computer programming workers work a regular forty hour week. However, about a quarter will be asked to work more than fifty hours in a salaried position. Standard salaries for those computer programmers with an Associate degree can expect to be compensated about 45-50 thousand per year, while those who have a bachelors degree or higher will likely begin their career at about $70,000 per year.

Bear in mind that each position will be unique and that some states pay a great deal more in the beginning positions for computer programmers. The top states for best salaries and most computer programming positions currently are Nebraska, New York, California, Iowa, Georgia.

Your career as a computer programmer will be fast paced and exciting. You will be well compensated for your work, and will likely be faced with exciting challenges and unique opportunities. In short, in your career as a computer programmer, you will be working on technology that could conceivably change the world.

Freelance Programming Jobs

If you love computer programming and feel a vast thrill each time you accomplish a new task, maybe you are ready for a career in freelance programming. If you'd like to make a living doing what you love most without leaving your home for days at a time, then a career in freelance programming is probably going to suit you admirably.

There is a great deal to be said about programming from home or freelance programming. You can begin a consultancy company with minimal muss and fuss. If you're a good programmer who can write it without errors and bring it in on time and under budget there are some vast advantages to a freelance programming career.

You do work from home more often than now. The need for a degree in programming isn't there. If you've taken the time and the initiative to learn it all on your own, then you don't need a diploma to prove it as a freelance programmer. All you need is the professionalism to get it done right and turn it in under deadline.

Becoming a freelance programmer means that you have to take the time to track down new leads and new jobs. You will need, in addition, to use excellent communication in order to get the jobs that you want as a freelancer.

You must be well organized and able to take control of the project from start to finish. You will need to be tenacious, disciplined in order to stay in your desk and complete the tasks, and you will need to be accountable to complete all of your jobs in the given amount of time.

The benefits of being a freelance programmer are that you can set your own hours, and work at any time you like. Whether your peak hours are at 3 AM or 5 PM, the freelancing career permits you to spend the time that you want to spend on the jobs that you do. You can stop punching in and punching out, but you must also realize that your freelancing career is only as good as you make it.

The weekly paycheck that you receive will depend on the time that you spent in a given day and how much you accomplished. If it all sounds great to you then freelancing is the kind of job that you want.

So how do you find those jobs?

Get out there and do some homework. What kind of programming is most in demand? If Asp is the big thing today, get more familiar with it. If everyone wants PHP then you're going to need to know it.

Go to the Freelancer websites and put in bids on projects. Expect that when you are new to the website or freelancer company, you will likely get the smaller jobs. You're going to have to pay your dues just like any other programmer, but in time, and given a good record of quality work, the larger jobs will come your way.

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