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Do you dream about a rewarding career in computer programming but think it would take too long or cost too much?

Are you looking to just make some extra money on the side?

How about having a job where you can work from home on your own schedule?

Or maybe you just want to learn computer programming as a hobby?

In any case, you could begin computer programming before you leave this site today! Really! Computer programming for beginners doesn't have to be an overwhelming task nor does it have to a take long time.

In fact, if you made it here, you have all you need to know to begin computer programming.

Here's what you can minimally learn:

  Basics of Computer Programming
  Read this one first

  Visual Basic Tutorials
  One of the most popular programming languages today
And if you feel like researching a little further:
  Computer Programming as a Career
  Is a career in computer programming right for you?

  Computer Programming History
  A brief history of programming languages

My programming philosophy (and in life too) has always been the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple Sam.

A little about my programming background

I have a Bachelor's degree in mechanical, electrical and computer technology and have been programming since 1980. I have worked as an independent computer consultant for almost that entire time.

My programming career spans from energy management systems and satellite communications to finance and banking, where I now periodically consult.

I love to teach and believe this subject of computer programming for beginners can be easily learned.

As I am always willing to help, you can always contact me. Also, please fill out a very short survey to help me stay on top of your needs and wants.

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