Learn Programming 
Quickly and Easily 
Without Information Overload

Tired of the overwhelming
programming terms and abbreviations to learn programming?

Well, me too! ...and with over 30 years experience in computer programming, I still run into the ridiculous and time-consuming learning curve when I attempt to learn a new programming language.

I could only imagine what it would be like for someone new to learn computer programming in this day and age.

So how do I get you around that?!?

Unique Teaching Style

First. I make sure you learn the fundamentals of programming on a proper gradient. This means that each new level builds on the last (like when you first learned the alphabet, then learned to spell, following by writing sentences, etc.)

Second, I introduce new programming terms and abbreviations only when and where appropriate and I fully define all programming terms and abbreviations for you at that time.

Lastly, I have you do real examples until you understand and you can DO the programming concepts.

Although I will be teaching you a particular basic programming language here, the purpose is to teach you the basics and fundamentals of programming so you can learn ANY programming language you want.

In fact for many languages, I have done the research for you and weeded out all the boring and confusing videos that I have painstakingly used to learn programming over the years and I will recommend the best programming videos, books, etc for you.

What's New

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